National Honor Society for the Dancer Arts
See our list of Members listed below and the year they qualified:
Secondary Program
Grades 9-12
30 points required

Morgan Haga
Terez Luedtke
Gabby Sroda

Brieanne Kluck
Stana Luedtke
Sydney Morgan
Madeline Prokop
Katie Rudnick

Katelynn Altmann
Saskia Hale
Junior Program
Grades 6-8
15 points required

Emma Dimler
Lillian Ketchum
Marissa Stolt

Keleigh Much
Paige Peiper
Alida Richards
Kiya Singewald
Jenna Stolt
Skyler Wachsmuth
Madeline Wojchik
NDEO - National Dance Education Organization
Dance Dynamics has been a member of this organization since 2014.  
This is a professional organization with many resources and benefits
including the ability for us to induct our qualifying students in the NHSDA.